From under the pier.

From under the pier.

Friday, November 28, 2014

El Tapatio and Chalula, a Family Affair

The courtyard was alive on the day of the wedding. The fiesta was in full swing. Tamales and enchiladas began the rivalry between these two families. However, the love of their two most recognizable members brought them together. A civil tongue was kept between all in attendance, but as the beer began to flow, the underlying spice of the situation became unsettled.
An undeniable rift existed between the family of El Tapatio and the family of the beloved chalula. The whole problem was instigated by Texas Pete. On a drunken night in America, someone had introduced Chalula to Texas Pete. The two initially hit it off well, but as the night wore on the mix became unstable. The next morning the asshole that put them together, wound up getting burned. Needless to say, El Tapatio was pissed when he found out that Chalula had spent the night with Texas Pete.
If it hadn’t been for the war between the two families, El Tapatio would have called off the whole engagement. Bound by his honor, and a commitment to the world of spice, he settled for calling his friend from Louisiana known as “The Hot Sauce” to handle Texas Pete. Louisiana “Hot Sauce” had a reputation for ruining nights and afternoons by dropping “bombs” into people’s guts. Having heard Texas Pete’s reputation he called his hot headed cousin to the north, Toby, owner of the company Toe Bask Co. The pedicure supply company offered a perfect money laundering front for his organized crime association. They were known for “Bringing the heat down” on competing gangs.
When Toby and “Hot Sauce” came for him, Texas Pete fled west to California. He was hurt and infuriated that El Tapatio would take out a hit on him over a hot night with Chalula. Texas Pete vowed to make both of them sick with loss before their wedding night. He was joined, in league, by two Asian mobsters. Se Racha, who was known for his quick kick style business, and Was-A-Bee, who managed to hang on to his name after killing the man who made fun of his accent while he was trying to ask, "What’s a Bee?” these two giants in the hard hitting western mob front had a reputation for making anyone to underestimate them pay dearly.
As the wedding commenced, tensions rose to a scorching boil between the families of El Tapatio and Chalula. They completely lost their cool and broke out into a riot as Was-A-Bee and Se Racha rode in on a horse, named Raddish, spraying pepper spray everywhere. The families were instantly at each other’s throats spitting fire in their angered shouts. It didn’t help that both sides were completely sauced.
Local law enforcement showed up with riot gear, lead by the infamous Marshall Frank “Red Hot” Mitchell. Knowing that tensions between these two bosses of sauces were already at each other’s throats, they began launching tear gas into the riot that flooded from the nice courtyard into the village streets. The riot was soon joined by members of the Picante family, lead by their overly aggressive paternal leader, Pace.
The three families fought a heated battle through the streets that lead to the destruction of five homes, three grocery stores, fifteen vendor stands , thirty bathrooms, and one liquor store was completely cleared out, but not defiled in any other way.
In the mayhem, Se Racha and Was-A-Bee fled back to the border, and were caught by border patrol on their horse, Raddish, with several empty cans of pepper spray. After being captured, the two mob bosses accused Texas Pete of offering a monetary sum to cause the family of El Tapatio pain.
There was an investigation launched on the outlandish claims that surrounded this fiesta fiasco, spear-headed by Marshall Frank Red Hot himself. He was joined by Interpol agent, La Victoria, to help bridge any gaps between the U.S. and Mexico’s bi-lateral agreements.
In all of the mayhem that ensued in Azteca Mexico, only one fifty-seven year old man, by the name of Heinz, was killed. When asked about this death the members of the Picante family simply said that he was "too mild for the business." A funeral service for Mr. Heinz will be held in three days.
This investigation, of bizarre nature, lead to El Paso where Texas Pete was found at a chili cook off, and was immediately thrown out. Toby, owner of the Toe Bask Co., is still at large. Officials say that there is too much vinegar in that case to make anything stick.
“The Hot Sauce” from Louisiana was caught by La Victoria, who chased him for a while before he accidentally got dropped into a large bowl of gumbo. The family who made the gumbo was so distraught after eating it, that apparently all parties involved were treated by Dr. Pepto, and Dr. Bismol for life threatening indigestion.
La Victoria thanks Marshall Frank “Red Hot” For his assistance in spotting the Louisiana “Hot Sauce.” Marshall Frank was in the process of marinating some fresh hot wings at a local wings restaurant, as his cover, when the culprit was spotted.
Since this upstart, El Tapatio and Chalula have called off the wedding; and vowed never to be figuratively “on the same shelf.” A new rivalry between the families has started about who will be “top shelf.” Mr. Pace Picante was incarcerated for disturbing the peace and adding fuel to the flame. When asked about it he simply replied, “I’m a chip off the old block.” The Tostito family has yet to respond to this obvious cut at their profession.
The culinary profession in Mexico and the southern United States has felt the impact of this horribly heated clash. Some may never recover from the ulcers created by this heated battle between these spicy families. Anyone who has any information on the development of future violence in this peppered rivalry is urged to contact Marshall Frank “Red Hot” or agent La Victoria at 800-RED-SAUCE.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Golfito Costa Rica Pictures!!!!


Golfito had quite a few of these old abandoned boats just sitting in the bay.

Also one of the coolest cemeteries I have ever seen.

And these ruins were beyond cool, set off in this lull between two sections of the town.
And some very cool areas of perfectly calm water.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Interstellar review

To start with, go to the bathroom before you step in to watch this movie. This colossus of cinematic events stretches a hair shy of three hours. The movie itself is very well put together. It takes you on an intriguing and captivating emotional rollercoaster through the whole trip. Amazingly, even the originally goofy looking and seemingly useless robots prove to be awesome characters and tools. From start to finish this visually stunning, intellectually engaging masterpiece had me on the edge of my seat until the bizarre ending. A must see for sci-fi buffs, family people, action hounds, and drama junkies 9.5/10

Friday, November 14, 2014

Take it in stride.

Today is a good day. I left the house this morning to go and get my blood drawn at base. Cholesterol and all that, and i get a flat on the rear tire on my bike. So, here i am sitting on the side of the road, waiting for the tow truck who will charge me an outrageous sum to transport my bike to a mechanic who will also charge me an outrageous sum. However, sometimes the feeling comes along that something "bad" happened for a very specific reason. That feeling is what is keeping me from being bitter right now. Or maybe I just understand how it could have gone and didn't. So, i say again, today is a good day.

Monday, November 10, 2014


It has been a long time in the making (3.5 years) but Anasazi's Nightmare is finally done . The eBook version  is available for pre-order through kindle to be released on Nov 15 as promised. Due to some lag in the process the hard copy will not be available for a little while longer. Now that my first book is finished i can start working exclusively on Wrath of Pandora. I hope you enjoy the nightmare while i work through my next deployment to give you the most epic unveiling of Pandora's box ever. 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Book covers

I suppose you already know by this point (especially my followers) that I love photography; and not to be arrogant, but I think I take some pretty good pictures. (all pictures on my page are ones that I took.) I just posted a picture on twitter of the possible cover for Anasazi's Nightmare.
  I know that I will always be my worst critic but i think it may be safe to say that Photoshop is not my forte. I have done the best that I can with what limited skill I have with this program, but I would like honest opinions. leave me a comment or message just let me know what you think of this cover. I hope that all of my readers are as excited about my books release on Nov 15 as I am. Just be prepared for a truly wild ride with this short novel. thank you for reading.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Fury review

So, Fury, first off I'll address the elephant in the room. Shia LaBeouf is in this movie. He's not as much of a sissy as normal but it wouldn't be him without some kind of misplaced emotion. There, got my Beouf bashing done. The action scenes in this movie were well done, even though some get kinda flicky between the action and whats going on in the tank. There is a spot toward the middle that stretches on way longer than it should, kinda saws the reins on the momentum of the movie. Though, not a complete waste of time, i can only personally give this movie a 5/10 due to the fact that they totally missed their target emotion. You can see where they are going but the odd, almost misplaced familiarity between the characters dropped this movie a mile short of what they were trying to do. Best comparison is watching a magic pro skater fall on their face. It was worth going to the movies for the experience but i suggest not going out of your way for it.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My first rejection letter!

Assuming you have read previous posts, you'll know i have finished Anasazi's Nightmare, and have sent out many query letters. Any starting author should know that you will probably have to wade through a sea of rejection before getting a single approval. Today, i hit a benchmark! My first rejection. So raise your glass and lets tip our hats to the agent who was the first to tell me that my story was something you weren't interested in!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Water a poem


Sunday, October 12, 2014

The lights of Fayetteville

Being in the military I spend a lot of time away from home. There are days that all I can do is miss it.  I think back onto the last time I visited and smile to know that it is still home. I always approach Fayetteville, AR at night. the sight of Old Main (Right skyline) and the university campus, to me, is like welcoming arms unfolding to embrace me. I grew up very family oriented. some people claim that they don't feel the separation, possibly because that connection was never there, or maybe I'm just too dependent on my family for support. In any case today is one of those days that I miss what will always be my home. It may not be the most beautiful city, or the most productive, but my family holds my heart and home is where the heart is.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Query letters

The query letter is an unusual type of "job application". Truly that's what it is. The first thing i have ever written that tries to sell both me and my product. The thought of adding a 4 to 6 week wait on top of that is also excruciating. And in my stupidity, and shortcomings in the workings of a computer i managed to send a personalized query to the wrong agent. Probably arrived at that bridge with God standing in the middle screaming "You shall not pass". But, i digress. If you are thinking about sending out some query letters, make sure you have your ducks in a row before you push send. In 3 days of scouring the internet, i haven't found many options. ♎

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Northern California ren faire

The wife and i went to the northern California ren faire today.
The fair overall was okay. Some acts were spectacular. I laughed till i cried at the Manly Men in Tights.
The salty dogs band knew how to throw a party. If you ever get to go see them at a bar you are in for a treat. I, personally,will be actively seeking them out. If improv is your thing, no parchment needed was an amusing group, and bosh the magician did a wonderful job with kids and adults alike.
The proceeds from the joust went to save mistreated horses so the poor acting that unfortunately made presence there was acceptable and it was still a fun show. I had major problems with the stands at the event. I expected high priced food and merchandise. The really sorry thing, and the reason i will not be attending next year, is that it was 100 degrees today and in the sun. They were charging 3 dollars for a small bottle of crystal springs water. 50 cents at a gas station. 4 dollars for a cup of ice. People were falling like flies. Now, i have no problems with fairs trying to  make their quick buck, but trapping hordes of people in the blazing desert heat and exploiting basic human needs at outrageous prices is just wrong no matter which way you cut it. The worst part about it was that even the gas station off of the grounds was cashing in and jacked up their prices to match the fair. When a lady passed out no one from the stand she was at offered water they called for an emt and just let it ride. To those who run the fair and to the casa de frutas gas station i say shame on you. You will not be acquiring my patronage next year.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Equalizer review

In a word, epic. Denzel comes through in his usual extraordinary form on par with the style and quality of Man on Fire. In this modern Robbin Hood style movie the whole cast brings the torrent of events into a spectacular whirlwind of creative action, friendship, and caring. Coupled with masterful cinematography and a powerful sound track, this movie ranks at the top of this year. 9/10 for the sicklibra ♎

Thursday, October 2, 2014

As promised an excerpt from Anasazi's Nightmare. (Contains graphic content. it is a horror after all.)

         Like an explosion to the senses, a deafening screech ripped through the silence from behind him. He spun on his heels toward the sound as something, that felt like a shot from a cannon, hit him in the chest. He pulled the trigger and a shot rang out to nowhere from his shotgun as he landed on his back. The recoil sent the gun flying from his hand. He hit with a thud as the weight that had knocked him over blasted the air from his lungs and pushed him into the snow.
         He opened his eyes gasping for a new breath. A black rat like face is what stared back. Across the bridge of its nose were two thin, horizontal, yellow, slits that stared back into his eyes. The yellow glow lit up the rest of its virtually hairless face. The toothless mouth of the creature opened letting a laugh echo through the woods. The inside of its mouth looked like chewing gum stretched between the roof of its mouth and its jaw with a hole in the middle. The stink of necrotic flesh emanated from the creature’s mouth forcing him to turn his head away. Looking to his right, he realized that he had three large claws dug deep into his shoulder. He looked toward the other side letting the realization of what was happening wash over him.
         He tried to move with no success. The pain began to bleed through the shock. He then realized that he had claws dug all the way through his shoulders that protruded into the ground. ‘I’m pinned’ was the only thing he had time to think before the beast twisted the claws in his shoulders. Pain fired through his whole body like a lightning bolt as the urge to scream flooded his mind. he opened his mouth to yell in pain. before a sound could escape, the hole in the creature’s gummed mouth spat out a long pink protrusion. The pink “tongue” shot into his open mouth and down his throat. The urge to vomit was destroyed by the searing pain of sharp spikes that appeared in his throat. With a quick, sharp, jerk the “tongue” flew from his throat, followed by a blood filled cough. He tried to scream but the only sound that escaped his mouth was a faint gurgle of blood in the back of his throat.
         The rat-faced beast pulled the claws from his shoulders. There was a sucking sound as it pulled its tongue back into its mouth and swallowed hard. It grabbed his hand and began to drag him. Between the coughs of blood and cringes of pain he could only whisper, as he was drug slowly through the woods.

*FYI I have replaced the name of the victim with him and his to avoid spoiling anything. Feel free to leave feedback and let me know what you think.

Truly a sad state of affairs.

Here I am, about to turn 29 years old. It is truly sad that what I want for my birthday is to be finished with Anasazi's nightmare. The collection of events that has kept me from working on it as of late have been exhausting. The thing that I never expected when I picked up writing was how draining it can be. The writing its self is not that bad. However, the revision process is grueling. I wrote the story, I know what happens, in turn, picking through a story that I know and created for wording errors and punctuation is more of a job than a labor of love. I pray to be done revising it by the time November rolls around so I can start slamming out Wrath of Pandora (the first in a series where gods battle in the modern world for supremacy) for NANOWRIMO. Oh well, such is life. So, for my birthday I will be plugging away at my nightmare but as a gift to all of you I will post an excerpt from the novel for your sampling pleasure in my next post due to come out presently. Love to current fans and to hopefully future fans.

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Never yield

Through wind through rain
Through howling gail and pain
From sky to the deep
Under mighty sqalls that weep
Under thunderous skies
Listen for the bosun pipe cries.
From rigging to decks
In raging seas and wrecks
To the future from the past
All hands hold fast.

Sail on

In the emptiness where sky meets sea
Sailing to the edges of the earth we be
The horizon beckons with its mournful plea
Ever waiting, ever lonely, ever alluring is she
Press on lonely sailor into eternity
Sail for that meeting you may never see
As the sun ducks below your goal
Sail on lonely seamen with all heart and soul.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

I get it

There is multiple car accidents in the bay area every day. Today I truly understand why. I was going about thirty mph faster than the cars on my right when a moron in an acura changes lanes right in front of me with about 20 yards to spare. No signal just does it. I don't know if you have ever slammed on the brakes at 70 mph, but at that point the car kinda does what it wants. The sad thing is that a horn just doesn't say it plainly enough. Look before you pull out you suicidal maniac. I don't care if you want to kill yourself in a car. Don't drag me to the grave with you.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I've missed thunderstorms.

You never realize how much you miss something until you don't get them anymore. The west coast is not exactly known for their storms. There is a poetry to be found in the rumblings of the sky and the tears that pour from the sky.
"I used to be scared of these storms, terrified even. So, I studied them, I learned everything I could about them. And, they still happened."
- Leaves of Grass
The cleansing power of the rain and wind prvides a clean start in all things. The dust of past fury is washed clean. The dedication of our society is carried away on tiny rivulets that carve a temporary history of rage into the very earth.
My god how I've missed thunderstorms.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

New mexico

I am completely amused that on I 40 one of the most boring states has the biggest advertisements. I understand that New Mexico is a great place for all kinds of stuff: fly fishing, off roading, ect. However, when passing through on I 40 its a grand announcement that you are now plunging into depths of boredom that many will never know.

Friday, August 29, 2014

As above so below review

With the exception of an ending equalled in intensity by nothing more than paint drying; or a slug winning a slug race. The movie its self was somewhat incohearant. The characters were underdeveloped, and they tried to add a melodramatic mystery in with everything. These flat, single minded characters embodied your typical horror characters who continue to make the dumbest decisions humanly possible. Over all I found their use of the startle effect was used to the point that it no longer worked and the movie at one point took on the feel of a homemade rendition of doom. The whole crap cake was topped by a lovely case of motion sickness, and if you have epilepsy do not watch this movie,you may sieze and die(it would probably be a relief). I was unimpressed, and if you feel you must watch it, please, save yourself the pain of kicking yourself after, and wait for red box.

Country music

It's strange how music feels wrong or right depending on where you are and what you're doing. I am typically the rock and roll type, system of a down, stonesour, shinedown, ect but when I  am on vacation I listen to nothing but country. I don't understand why, when I am home, all I want to listen to is the very music that grinds on my nerves any other time of the year. The problem with this is that I hate pop at all times of the year. In my opinion pop music is never appropriate; and many country artists are swinging towards the hip hop side of things. It makes me sad that some country artists have lost their roots and think that a twang automatically makes it country. Please quit poisoning a good genre.

Honkey tonk badonk-a-donk
WTF Trace?

Monday, August 25, 2014

More pictures.

This was a hanging lantern in the "Crafts fair" area of old town panama.

Getting good pictures there can get a little rough because it rains literally every day. This day was a light drizzle.
A lot of the ruins were really cool, like this unsupported stair case. ruins like these were scattered all over the city. There are places in the city where you shouldn't go, but this surprisingly was in one of the safer areas. People in the "good" part of town lived in places that look like this on the outside.
I know, don't judge a book by it's cover, right... Well, got you covered.
For those of you who love the look of dilapidated stuff, you'll love visiting a place like panama city. The sad truth is that there are several families living in this one building, kids and all. I could not help but feel bad for them. However, through it's run down appearance Panama city still has a quaint style all it's own when you get away from the casino's, prostitutes, and greedy, heartless bastards who run the down town areas like slum lords. A Place full of religion.


And yea, this guy.
All in all, Panama city was an ok place to visit. I honestly cant say that I want to go back. However, since Panama seems to be crack for coast guard boats, I am sure that I am doomed to visit this cesspool of religious sin over and over and over again. 


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

When God yells at you, you can't miss it.

Tooling around town today, I was looking for something to eat with Pamela. We passed a chick-fil-a and thought that will be nice. Upon turning around in a parking lot I notice a sports bar and grille, across the street. " Yea, a beer an burger will be nice." Before getting out of the car Pam says to me. "You know as soon as we get our food we'll wish we had cick-fil-a." So I go inside and instantly notice this fake grass "fairway" spanning this excessively wide establishment. As Pam approaches me I see this lone figure running down this large piece of fake grass right towards us. "Oh, look, a mouse." I said casually as this single mouse charged down this grass patch like a lone warrior on an empty battle field. I was so awestruck that it didn't even register that we were in a place that served food. This critter runs right past us, head first into a wall, and under a closet door. I proceeded to descreately tell a waitress about it before leaving. In essence when God yells at  you, you hear it. I don't want to know what happens if you don't.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

time for pictures to start coming through!!!!

sorry they took so long


How is that an option?

For those who don't know, the other contributor on this post is my fiance. I was re working my blog last night and accidently took away my own admin permissions. First of all what kind of program let's you kick yourself off of your own account? So, I nudge sleeping beauty awake and ask for the password to her account to re add myself. I get four wrong passwords out of her before I get frustrated and give up for the night. Moral? I don't know. Irritating? Definitely

Why do the even have that feature?!

Worn out welcomes

There are those times that you know you have worn out your welcome. You can tell by the looks on your hosts face. Not always a bad thing just a signal that it's time to leave. So what do you do when someone doesn't want you to go but they've worn out their welcome? All of us have been In this predicament, where you're invited into this boring and awkward situation and you can't leave without seeming rude. You watch the clock turn and pray for a bail out (their bed time, the food disappearing, your dog escaping, your house burning down, anything!) well, thank you to the quick individual that got me out tonight. J, you're a savior. And those who want to invite others over for dinner, please, make it an environment where escape becomes a real obligation, not a run for high ground.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Gluten free noodles. WTF?

I set out to make my scabetti recipe tonight. One of the members present is allergic to gluten. Not a big deal I think. Cook them just like regular noodles I think. Now, anyone who has cooked this stuff before already gets it. Since there us one gluten free eater and three regular eaters, I figure cook gluten free, pull them out with removable strainer, then throw in regular noodles. MISTAKE! the gluten free noodles cook down to this wad of stringy things and leave the water white. Off flavor for regular noodles, right? WRONG! I throw the normal noodles into this boiling hot "cream of gluten free soup". Of course, they don't soak up shit. So I change the water on these half cooked noodles and proceed to finish cooking them. By the time the normal noodles finished, (20 minutes later)these gluten free noodles had turned into a liitle cake with the outside appearance of noodles. The thing that blew me away is that the person they were for was used to this. I was appalled at my epic noodle disaster; but apparently they are supposed to do that. I think they should come with a disclaimer for cooks who have never gone gluten free.

Monday, August 11, 2014


The military changes those who join. One of the biggest things it teaches is how to deal with disappointment. Not so much that you are away, its more that you don't get to make plans for anything. After a long patrol we get to go in circles outside our final destination. At no fault of our own we are left to stare at the object of our longing, alas we cannot reach out to touch it. Time tables and schedules are thrown from the window at the loss of communications between those who are trying to come and those who are trying to go. Imagine, a one way street, of which each end is one way to the middle. Can anyone say charlie foxtrot? Way to go sf pilots!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

I exist again

When returning to america after a long time in other countries you realize that this land of ours has a very distinct feel. A buzz in the air found around coastal areas at least compleatly devoid of the stillness found in places like Costa Rica. I can also say that it is nice to be able to speak to almost anyone in something other than broken spanglish. The series of events to follow in my short stay back in the states will run Pam and I through a rigorous gauntlet of travel, packing, and in packing. I am almost 3/4 of the way done with Anasazi's Nightmare and will try to have it published in some medium prior to my departure from the states. Wrath of Pandora is next in line. As far as writing goes I am the most excited about the beginning of this series, and I believe it will be something any epic fantasy reader would love to get their hands on!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Yet another cultural delight. Puerta Vallarta mexico is referred to, by many coasties as party villarty. Once again heading off the beaten path, away from the tourist area you can find a deep rich heritage in the culture here. One of the current focuses is dia de los muertos, essentially Mexican halloween for those of you who don't know. This particular holiday inspires an artistic taste that has already begun dotting this sculpture speckled city. Another thing that many don't know is that the tequilla we get in america is garbage compared to the true blue agave spirits distilled in mexico. This is yet another area of the world I would suggest to any one. The only problem with this particular city is that, given it is a tourist area, a full wallet is a necessity here

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Costa Rica

When you listen to singers like Jimmy Buffet and Robert Earl Keen what do you think of? Drinks on the beach, relaxing in the sun, torches in the sand ect. I now have a new view of what life in Jimmy's world should be. There is a small corner of the world where it rains daily, the sweltering heat and humidity leave a trail of sweat that will follow any American anywhere. In this small town in Costa Rica known as Golfito I have found a new layer to peace. The storm created by recent events onboard my boat still rages under this new layer, suppressed somehow. As I lean back and gaze over the green waters of the bay, the storm clouds spilling over the mountains, and the fantastic locals, I find myself wondering how anyone could be angry here. So many people in my line of work head to the nearest bar and shoot for zero to drunk in 5 min. They miss out on the purity of a place like this. a lot of it looks old, dilapidated, and broken. air conditioning is a rarity that will give you a new appreciation for cool air. Through it's tough exterior, there is a peace that flows from the rainforest here. It is unique in that it has the ability to smother all else. The run down appearance of this place gives it a character unmatched by anyplace else I have ever been.
Aside from the peace and quiet, Golfito offers a unique collection of foods (most of which I cant pronounce). One of my new favorites is something the locals call mamones. these bizarre fruit look like they came from an alien planet on the outside. they are green, to pink with long hair/spike things around the exterior. They have a white center with a pit resembling an almond and they taste like grapes.
This short port call has given me a new lease on sanity, even if certain unnamed individuals tried their best to rid me of anything resembling sanity just prior to arriving. Soon I will be back in America with the girl I love for a short break before this ship sails again. The saddest part of this stop in such a wonderful place, is that I have been forced to use it as a stepping stone to and end result and not its own adventure. The hard part is almost over, true peace will soon be returning to this tattered soul. So until I am able to post again stay safe and stay sane.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Beware craigslist

Looking for an apartment in the first place is a pain in the ass, I'm sure all can agree on that fact. When you have spent the majority of your time out to sea in the past year, a new kind of "lost" sensation grows. Craigslist is a wonderful thing and a horrible thing at the same time. When you come across an entry entitled "gourmet ghetto" for about $600 a month in Oakland, California. Run, run like hell. Another interesting thing I have noticed is that there are a lot of listings that post newly remodeled. The funny thing about a lot of these posts, is that there are only pictures of the yard in the post. If you cant show the interior of a place in California on craigslist, and the highlight picture is dead grass in a yard fully equipped with razor wire across the top of a chain-link fence. I really don't want to see what is inside. (thank you for that by the way. Whoever you are). The best part is that the description included good neighborhood.

Truth is that there are a lot of vultures out there that create a truly interesting concoction of psychos that make up the majority of craigslist. In all reality if there is a posting on craigslist that sounds too good to be true, it is.

Prime example, my motorcycle. I got a 2002 Honda shadow in good shape for less than 2 grand. Custom exhaust, chromed out, new tires the works. Went and checked it out, everything looked great. Ride it for a month or so everything is great. I decide that I want to go for a long, beautiful ride. So, I ride from Alameda CA to Yosemite national park (4 hours away 5.5 by motorcycle). On my way out of Yosemite my exhaust starts to sound funny and my phone is dying. "of course." I ride 5 miles before I find a place to pull over in the fading light to discover that one of my super cool, custom exhaust tips is missing. I ride back and amazingly, find it intact. So, I put it in my back pack and ride 5 plus hours with my exhaust tip poking out of my back pack. Turns out that the tip itself was simply packed with shims and held on only by the bracket on the frame of the bike. Of course it fell off.

Friday, July 4, 2014

So, Independance day.

Lots of people understand that independance day was the day that independance was born in the great ol' USofA. It has more recently been celebrated with fireworks, barbecues, camping, ect. (Good dangerous fun for the whole family to play with explosives and white hot magnesium.) All on the same page? Good.
The thing that has always gotten me about the fireworks (aside from the end result bearing striking resemblance to battle wounds) is that they are designed to be a showy recreation of battle. Now, i know this is going to sound cold and a bit messed up, but when you spend 8 hours a day staring at water you tend to think a bit more bluntly than most. This all leads me up to one question.
Does it strike any one else as a little messed up? The celebration of the beginning of a full out war is marked with a simulation of battle. I can follow the barbecues, and family togetherness (it is what was fought for). However, a flash back for a shell shocked veteran doesnt exactly strike me as an appropriate celebration of what they did to protect our independance.

Just food for thought.

Dead Reunion

Travis smiled down as he wiggled his toes in the mud. The now brown and mud crusted overall’s chilled his ankles as they stuck to his legs. The cool fall breeze rustled the leaves on the surrounding trees. A cascade of orange leaves flowed and swirled like water all around him. He adjusted the straps over his bare shoulders. He bent down and scooped a hand full of mud to smear on his face.
“I only do it because it makes mom mad.” He said into the vacant air. Laughing, he pranced through piles of leaves, scooping them with the top of his foot and flinging them into the air. Halloween was close. It was always his favorite holiday. The earthy smell of decomposing leaves brought memories that weren’t his every year. Even though he was only eight, he knew things about life that shouldn’t be understood by children his age.
His mom had told him that he had a special gift that let him learn from those who had been there. She often would ask him who he was talking to; but by the time he would turn back from his answer they would be gone. The woods offered a safe haven for him it was rare that anyone found him out here.
The golden rays of the setting sun began to dissipate in to an orange hue that encompassed everything. A scraping sound caught his attention before the irritable squirrel began barking at him. “I come here all the time and you’ve never had a problem with me before.” He said shaking a finger at the angered rodent. The squirrel’s tail flicked with every bark for a few moments. Travis was captivated until it twitched and darted away back up the tree.
A rustle in the leaves and a slight chill crept up his spine. He turned in the fading light to see a man standing before him. His transparent appearance told Travis that this was another ghost. The man was standing close enough to seem taller than he was. He stood motionless in a grey civil war uniform. The large mustache flowed over the corners of his mouth. He held a rifle in his hand with a bayonet in one hand and under his other arm he held his hat. His boots were tattered and his pant legs were covered in mud. The man looked shocked when Travis spoke to him.
“Why are you so sad?” the man’s tear filled eyes fell to meet Travis’. The two stared at each other for a long moment before the man broke the silence.
“I have been traveling for a long time now.” The man stopped and gazed out into the forest. Travis followed his gaze then turned back.
“Where are you going?” he scrunched his face as he talked.
“I’m trying to get home to my family in Pea Ridge.”
“You know you’re dead right? My mom says that it’s good that I can talk to dead people because they help me learn.” Travis smiled exposing a missing tooth in the front of his mouth.
“Yes, I know I am dead. What is your name?”
“I’m Travis what’s your name?”
“I’m Robert” the apparition hung his hat over his rifle and extended a hand. “Robert Givans” Travis reached out a hand to shake it but it passed right through. Goose bumps appeared on Travis’ arm.
“Mom said something one time about Robert Givans. She said he went away and just didn’t come back. I don’t really remember everything because I was really sick.” The man perked up slightly looking around.
“Will you take me to see your home?”
“Sure, mom doesn’t see dead people like I do; but wer'e in Pea Ridge so, maybe she could help”
“Sounds good.” The man put his hat on top of his head and reached down his hand. There was a small clap as Travis’ hand connected with Roberts. The two walked for a ways before the small house came into view. Travis began to bounce slightly with excitement as the pair walked hand in hand. He broke his grip and rushed toward the house.
“Mom! Moom!” he cried as he ran. The screen door to the house opened and a woman appeared holding a basket of laundry on her hip. “Mom, guess who I met today?”
“Who did you meet?” She asked sweetly placing a hand on his head.
“I met someone with the same last name as us. Robert.” The woman stood up abruptly dropping the laundry basket onto the ground as her gaze fixed on the man at the tree line. The man dropped his rifle on the ground and pulled his hat over his heart. Tears began streaming down his face. She began slowly walking towards him, tears filling her eyes.
“Robert, I thought you’d never make it back.” She wailed as she broke into a run. The two met and embraced each other as they wept. “Travis come meet your dad.”Travis’ eyes went wide as he slowly walked up to the couple. Robert swept him up and pulled him into the embrace.
“All soldiers find their way home.” Robert said through his uncontrollable sobs before they all disappeared.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Staring at water

I have now spent way too much time staring at water. A phenomena that i never even heard of has ocoured. I have spent so much time staring at the same color that i no longer even register it as a color. That is the only way i can think of to describe it. However, when you get down to it, a military vessel is not exactly known for it's good scenery. Blue and white, two colors that have grown to fill me with stomach churning disgust
418 ft of steel. That is currently my floating piece of existence. I have taken to painting more often than i used to simply because i am tired of staring at blue. Another interesting thing is that too much time locked in a cage is stifling to creativity. For the first month and a half it actually spawned creativity. The CG giveth and the CG taketh away I guess. I would have gone mad weeks ago if it wasn't for the books i brought with me. Epic fantasy they call it (probably because any series is an epic undertaking).
I can only press on in hopes that when i get back you all will love my stories enough to allot me the time to continue to write. I have discovered that it is not necessarily the story it's self that people love to read. It is the wave of emotion, atatchment, and a re-discovery of imagination that draws eyes toward fantasy. Until i can get all of my ducks in a row i will post some short stories that i have written. Please tell me (honestly) what you think about them.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

New to this whole thing.

So, i guess an introduction is warranted. I am Joshua Hodges. I joined the coast guard at 22 years old. i am a writer in my spare time. Well, what little i have.  You may have read some of my girl freinds posts about me; but that would be suprising. We are very compatible but in our writing our styles are night and day.
I have finished writing one book, Anasazi's Nightmare. It is safe to say that i like writing a hell of alot more than editing. Once back in the states i hope to be finished with the editorial process of that book and attempting to get it on the shelf for your reading pleasure.
As with any other author's blog i will be posting updates as to the progress of the nightmare (lovingly named after it's conception for being a royal pain in the ass) as well as all other books i'm working on. Once back in the states i will also be creating a facebook page dedicated to my writing, and photography.
I am currently working on the beginning of a whole new series (series yet to be named) the first book however is called Wrath of Pandora. So, as of now that is about my introduction. I love questions so please ask them and i look forward to sharing what will most likely be way too much with all of you.

Here's to the start of something beautiful.