From under the pier.

From under the pier.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Beware craigslist

Looking for an apartment in the first place is a pain in the ass, I'm sure all can agree on that fact. When you have spent the majority of your time out to sea in the past year, a new kind of "lost" sensation grows. Craigslist is a wonderful thing and a horrible thing at the same time. When you come across an entry entitled "gourmet ghetto" for about $600 a month in Oakland, California. Run, run like hell. Another interesting thing I have noticed is that there are a lot of listings that post newly remodeled. The funny thing about a lot of these posts, is that there are only pictures of the yard in the post. If you cant show the interior of a place in California on craigslist, and the highlight picture is dead grass in a yard fully equipped with razor wire across the top of a chain-link fence. I really don't want to see what is inside. (thank you for that by the way. Whoever you are). The best part is that the description included good neighborhood.

Truth is that there are a lot of vultures out there that create a truly interesting concoction of psychos that make up the majority of craigslist. In all reality if there is a posting on craigslist that sounds too good to be true, it is.

Prime example, my motorcycle. I got a 2002 Honda shadow in good shape for less than 2 grand. Custom exhaust, chromed out, new tires the works. Went and checked it out, everything looked great. Ride it for a month or so everything is great. I decide that I want to go for a long, beautiful ride. So, I ride from Alameda CA to Yosemite national park (4 hours away 5.5 by motorcycle). On my way out of Yosemite my exhaust starts to sound funny and my phone is dying. "of course." I ride 5 miles before I find a place to pull over in the fading light to discover that one of my super cool, custom exhaust tips is missing. I ride back and amazingly, find it intact. So, I put it in my back pack and ride 5 plus hours with my exhaust tip poking out of my back pack. Turns out that the tip itself was simply packed with shims and held on only by the bracket on the frame of the bike. Of course it fell off.

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