From under the pier.

From under the pier.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Costa Rica

When you listen to singers like Jimmy Buffet and Robert Earl Keen what do you think of? Drinks on the beach, relaxing in the sun, torches in the sand ect. I now have a new view of what life in Jimmy's world should be. There is a small corner of the world where it rains daily, the sweltering heat and humidity leave a trail of sweat that will follow any American anywhere. In this small town in Costa Rica known as Golfito I have found a new layer to peace. The storm created by recent events onboard my boat still rages under this new layer, suppressed somehow. As I lean back and gaze over the green waters of the bay, the storm clouds spilling over the mountains, and the fantastic locals, I find myself wondering how anyone could be angry here. So many people in my line of work head to the nearest bar and shoot for zero to drunk in 5 min. They miss out on the purity of a place like this. a lot of it looks old, dilapidated, and broken. air conditioning is a rarity that will give you a new appreciation for cool air. Through it's tough exterior, there is a peace that flows from the rainforest here. It is unique in that it has the ability to smother all else. The run down appearance of this place gives it a character unmatched by anyplace else I have ever been.
Aside from the peace and quiet, Golfito offers a unique collection of foods (most of which I cant pronounce). One of my new favorites is something the locals call mamones. these bizarre fruit look like they came from an alien planet on the outside. they are green, to pink with long hair/spike things around the exterior. They have a white center with a pit resembling an almond and they taste like grapes.
This short port call has given me a new lease on sanity, even if certain unnamed individuals tried their best to rid me of anything resembling sanity just prior to arriving. Soon I will be back in America with the girl I love for a short break before this ship sails again. The saddest part of this stop in such a wonderful place, is that I have been forced to use it as a stepping stone to and end result and not its own adventure. The hard part is almost over, true peace will soon be returning to this tattered soul. So until I am able to post again stay safe and stay sane.

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