From under the pier.

From under the pier.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

New to this whole thing.

So, i guess an introduction is warranted. I am Joshua Hodges. I joined the coast guard at 22 years old. i am a writer in my spare time. Well, what little i have.  You may have read some of my girl freinds posts about me; but that would be suprising. We are very compatible but in our writing our styles are night and day.
I have finished writing one book, Anasazi's Nightmare. It is safe to say that i like writing a hell of alot more than editing. Once back in the states i hope to be finished with the editorial process of that book and attempting to get it on the shelf for your reading pleasure.
As with any other author's blog i will be posting updates as to the progress of the nightmare (lovingly named after it's conception for being a royal pain in the ass) as well as all other books i'm working on. Once back in the states i will also be creating a facebook page dedicated to my writing, and photography.
I am currently working on the beginning of a whole new series (series yet to be named) the first book however is called Wrath of Pandora. So, as of now that is about my introduction. I love questions so please ask them and i look forward to sharing what will most likely be way too much with all of you.

Here's to the start of something beautiful.

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