From under the pier.

From under the pier.

Friday, August 29, 2014

As above so below review

With the exception of an ending equalled in intensity by nothing more than paint drying; or a slug winning a slug race. The movie its self was somewhat incohearant. The characters were underdeveloped, and they tried to add a melodramatic mystery in with everything. These flat, single minded characters embodied your typical horror characters who continue to make the dumbest decisions humanly possible. Over all I found their use of the startle effect was used to the point that it no longer worked and the movie at one point took on the feel of a homemade rendition of doom. The whole crap cake was topped by a lovely case of motion sickness, and if you have epilepsy do not watch this movie,you may sieze and die(it would probably be a relief). I was unimpressed, and if you feel you must watch it, please, save yourself the pain of kicking yourself after, and wait for red box.

Country music

It's strange how music feels wrong or right depending on where you are and what you're doing. I am typically the rock and roll type, system of a down, stonesour, shinedown, ect but when I  am on vacation I listen to nothing but country. I don't understand why, when I am home, all I want to listen to is the very music that grinds on my nerves any other time of the year. The problem with this is that I hate pop at all times of the year. In my opinion pop music is never appropriate; and many country artists are swinging towards the hip hop side of things. It makes me sad that some country artists have lost their roots and think that a twang automatically makes it country. Please quit poisoning a good genre.

Honkey tonk badonk-a-donk
WTF Trace?

Monday, August 25, 2014

More pictures.

This was a hanging lantern in the "Crafts fair" area of old town panama.

Getting good pictures there can get a little rough because it rains literally every day. This day was a light drizzle.
A lot of the ruins were really cool, like this unsupported stair case. ruins like these were scattered all over the city. There are places in the city where you shouldn't go, but this surprisingly was in one of the safer areas. People in the "good" part of town lived in places that look like this on the outside.
I know, don't judge a book by it's cover, right... Well, got you covered.
For those of you who love the look of dilapidated stuff, you'll love visiting a place like panama city. The sad truth is that there are several families living in this one building, kids and all. I could not help but feel bad for them. However, through it's run down appearance Panama city still has a quaint style all it's own when you get away from the casino's, prostitutes, and greedy, heartless bastards who run the down town areas like slum lords. A Place full of religion.


And yea, this guy.
All in all, Panama city was an ok place to visit. I honestly cant say that I want to go back. However, since Panama seems to be crack for coast guard boats, I am sure that I am doomed to visit this cesspool of religious sin over and over and over again. 


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

When God yells at you, you can't miss it.

Tooling around town today, I was looking for something to eat with Pamela. We passed a chick-fil-a and thought that will be nice. Upon turning around in a parking lot I notice a sports bar and grille, across the street. " Yea, a beer an burger will be nice." Before getting out of the car Pam says to me. "You know as soon as we get our food we'll wish we had cick-fil-a." So I go inside and instantly notice this fake grass "fairway" spanning this excessively wide establishment. As Pam approaches me I see this lone figure running down this large piece of fake grass right towards us. "Oh, look, a mouse." I said casually as this single mouse charged down this grass patch like a lone warrior on an empty battle field. I was so awestruck that it didn't even register that we were in a place that served food. This critter runs right past us, head first into a wall, and under a closet door. I proceeded to descreately tell a waitress about it before leaving. In essence when God yells at  you, you hear it. I don't want to know what happens if you don't.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

time for pictures to start coming through!!!!

sorry they took so long


How is that an option?

For those who don't know, the other contributor on this post is my fiance. I was re working my blog last night and accidently took away my own admin permissions. First of all what kind of program let's you kick yourself off of your own account? So, I nudge sleeping beauty awake and ask for the password to her account to re add myself. I get four wrong passwords out of her before I get frustrated and give up for the night. Moral? I don't know. Irritating? Definitely

Why do the even have that feature?!

Worn out welcomes

There are those times that you know you have worn out your welcome. You can tell by the looks on your hosts face. Not always a bad thing just a signal that it's time to leave. So what do you do when someone doesn't want you to go but they've worn out their welcome? All of us have been In this predicament, where you're invited into this boring and awkward situation and you can't leave without seeming rude. You watch the clock turn and pray for a bail out (their bed time, the food disappearing, your dog escaping, your house burning down, anything!) well, thank you to the quick individual that got me out tonight. J, you're a savior. And those who want to invite others over for dinner, please, make it an environment where escape becomes a real obligation, not a run for high ground.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Gluten free noodles. WTF?

I set out to make my scabetti recipe tonight. One of the members present is allergic to gluten. Not a big deal I think. Cook them just like regular noodles I think. Now, anyone who has cooked this stuff before already gets it. Since there us one gluten free eater and three regular eaters, I figure cook gluten free, pull them out with removable strainer, then throw in regular noodles. MISTAKE! the gluten free noodles cook down to this wad of stringy things and leave the water white. Off flavor for regular noodles, right? WRONG! I throw the normal noodles into this boiling hot "cream of gluten free soup". Of course, they don't soak up shit. So I change the water on these half cooked noodles and proceed to finish cooking them. By the time the normal noodles finished, (20 minutes later)these gluten free noodles had turned into a liitle cake with the outside appearance of noodles. The thing that blew me away is that the person they were for was used to this. I was appalled at my epic noodle disaster; but apparently they are supposed to do that. I think they should come with a disclaimer for cooks who have never gone gluten free.

Monday, August 11, 2014


The military changes those who join. One of the biggest things it teaches is how to deal with disappointment. Not so much that you are away, its more that you don't get to make plans for anything. After a long patrol we get to go in circles outside our final destination. At no fault of our own we are left to stare at the object of our longing, alas we cannot reach out to touch it. Time tables and schedules are thrown from the window at the loss of communications between those who are trying to come and those who are trying to go. Imagine, a one way street, of which each end is one way to the middle. Can anyone say charlie foxtrot? Way to go sf pilots!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

I exist again

When returning to america after a long time in other countries you realize that this land of ours has a very distinct feel. A buzz in the air found around coastal areas at least compleatly devoid of the stillness found in places like Costa Rica. I can also say that it is nice to be able to speak to almost anyone in something other than broken spanglish. The series of events to follow in my short stay back in the states will run Pam and I through a rigorous gauntlet of travel, packing, and in packing. I am almost 3/4 of the way done with Anasazi's Nightmare and will try to have it published in some medium prior to my departure from the states. Wrath of Pandora is next in line. As far as writing goes I am the most excited about the beginning of this series, and I believe it will be something any epic fantasy reader would love to get their hands on!