From under the pier.

From under the pier.

Friday, August 29, 2014

As above so below review

With the exception of an ending equalled in intensity by nothing more than paint drying; or a slug winning a slug race. The movie its self was somewhat incohearant. The characters were underdeveloped, and they tried to add a melodramatic mystery in with everything. These flat, single minded characters embodied your typical horror characters who continue to make the dumbest decisions humanly possible. Over all I found their use of the startle effect was used to the point that it no longer worked and the movie at one point took on the feel of a homemade rendition of doom. The whole crap cake was topped by a lovely case of motion sickness, and if you have epilepsy do not watch this movie,you may sieze and die(it would probably be a relief). I was unimpressed, and if you feel you must watch it, please, save yourself the pain of kicking yourself after, and wait for red box.

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