From under the pier.

From under the pier.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Book covers

I suppose you already know by this point (especially my followers) that I love photography; and not to be arrogant, but I think I take some pretty good pictures. (all pictures on my page are ones that I took.) I just posted a picture on twitter of the possible cover for Anasazi's Nightmare.
  I know that I will always be my worst critic but i think it may be safe to say that Photoshop is not my forte. I have done the best that I can with what limited skill I have with this program, but I would like honest opinions. leave me a comment or message just let me know what you think of this cover. I hope that all of my readers are as excited about my books release on Nov 15 as I am. Just be prepared for a truly wild ride with this short novel. thank you for reading.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Fury review

So, Fury, first off I'll address the elephant in the room. Shia LaBeouf is in this movie. He's not as much of a sissy as normal but it wouldn't be him without some kind of misplaced emotion. There, got my Beouf bashing done. The action scenes in this movie were well done, even though some get kinda flicky between the action and whats going on in the tank. There is a spot toward the middle that stretches on way longer than it should, kinda saws the reins on the momentum of the movie. Though, not a complete waste of time, i can only personally give this movie a 5/10 due to the fact that they totally missed their target emotion. You can see where they are going but the odd, almost misplaced familiarity between the characters dropped this movie a mile short of what they were trying to do. Best comparison is watching a magic pro skater fall on their face. It was worth going to the movies for the experience but i suggest not going out of your way for it.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My first rejection letter!

Assuming you have read previous posts, you'll know i have finished Anasazi's Nightmare, and have sent out many query letters. Any starting author should know that you will probably have to wade through a sea of rejection before getting a single approval. Today, i hit a benchmark! My first rejection. So raise your glass and lets tip our hats to the agent who was the first to tell me that my story was something you weren't interested in!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Water a poem


Sunday, October 12, 2014

The lights of Fayetteville

Being in the military I spend a lot of time away from home. There are days that all I can do is miss it.  I think back onto the last time I visited and smile to know that it is still home. I always approach Fayetteville, AR at night. the sight of Old Main (Right skyline) and the university campus, to me, is like welcoming arms unfolding to embrace me. I grew up very family oriented. some people claim that they don't feel the separation, possibly because that connection was never there, or maybe I'm just too dependent on my family for support. In any case today is one of those days that I miss what will always be my home. It may not be the most beautiful city, or the most productive, but my family holds my heart and home is where the heart is.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Query letters

The query letter is an unusual type of "job application". Truly that's what it is. The first thing i have ever written that tries to sell both me and my product. The thought of adding a 4 to 6 week wait on top of that is also excruciating. And in my stupidity, and shortcomings in the workings of a computer i managed to send a personalized query to the wrong agent. Probably arrived at that bridge with God standing in the middle screaming "You shall not pass". But, i digress. If you are thinking about sending out some query letters, make sure you have your ducks in a row before you push send. In 3 days of scouring the internet, i haven't found many options. ♎

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Northern California ren faire

The wife and i went to the northern California ren faire today.
The fair overall was okay. Some acts were spectacular. I laughed till i cried at the Manly Men in Tights.
The salty dogs band knew how to throw a party. If you ever get to go see them at a bar you are in for a treat. I, personally,will be actively seeking them out. If improv is your thing, no parchment needed was an amusing group, and bosh the magician did a wonderful job with kids and adults alike.
The proceeds from the joust went to save mistreated horses so the poor acting that unfortunately made presence there was acceptable and it was still a fun show. I had major problems with the stands at the event. I expected high priced food and merchandise. The really sorry thing, and the reason i will not be attending next year, is that it was 100 degrees today and in the sun. They were charging 3 dollars for a small bottle of crystal springs water. 50 cents at a gas station. 4 dollars for a cup of ice. People were falling like flies. Now, i have no problems with fairs trying to  make their quick buck, but trapping hordes of people in the blazing desert heat and exploiting basic human needs at outrageous prices is just wrong no matter which way you cut it. The worst part about it was that even the gas station off of the grounds was cashing in and jacked up their prices to match the fair. When a lady passed out no one from the stand she was at offered water they called for an emt and just let it ride. To those who run the fair and to the casa de frutas gas station i say shame on you. You will not be acquiring my patronage next year.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Equalizer review

In a word, epic. Denzel comes through in his usual extraordinary form on par with the style and quality of Man on Fire. In this modern Robbin Hood style movie the whole cast brings the torrent of events into a spectacular whirlwind of creative action, friendship, and caring. Coupled with masterful cinematography and a powerful sound track, this movie ranks at the top of this year. 9/10 for the sicklibra ♎

Thursday, October 2, 2014

As promised an excerpt from Anasazi's Nightmare. (Contains graphic content. it is a horror after all.)

         Like an explosion to the senses, a deafening screech ripped through the silence from behind him. He spun on his heels toward the sound as something, that felt like a shot from a cannon, hit him in the chest. He pulled the trigger and a shot rang out to nowhere from his shotgun as he landed on his back. The recoil sent the gun flying from his hand. He hit with a thud as the weight that had knocked him over blasted the air from his lungs and pushed him into the snow.
         He opened his eyes gasping for a new breath. A black rat like face is what stared back. Across the bridge of its nose were two thin, horizontal, yellow, slits that stared back into his eyes. The yellow glow lit up the rest of its virtually hairless face. The toothless mouth of the creature opened letting a laugh echo through the woods. The inside of its mouth looked like chewing gum stretched between the roof of its mouth and its jaw with a hole in the middle. The stink of necrotic flesh emanated from the creature’s mouth forcing him to turn his head away. Looking to his right, he realized that he had three large claws dug deep into his shoulder. He looked toward the other side letting the realization of what was happening wash over him.
         He tried to move with no success. The pain began to bleed through the shock. He then realized that he had claws dug all the way through his shoulders that protruded into the ground. ‘I’m pinned’ was the only thing he had time to think before the beast twisted the claws in his shoulders. Pain fired through his whole body like a lightning bolt as the urge to scream flooded his mind. he opened his mouth to yell in pain. before a sound could escape, the hole in the creature’s gummed mouth spat out a long pink protrusion. The pink “tongue” shot into his open mouth and down his throat. The urge to vomit was destroyed by the searing pain of sharp spikes that appeared in his throat. With a quick, sharp, jerk the “tongue” flew from his throat, followed by a blood filled cough. He tried to scream but the only sound that escaped his mouth was a faint gurgle of blood in the back of his throat.
         The rat-faced beast pulled the claws from his shoulders. There was a sucking sound as it pulled its tongue back into its mouth and swallowed hard. It grabbed his hand and began to drag him. Between the coughs of blood and cringes of pain he could only whisper, as he was drug slowly through the woods.

*FYI I have replaced the name of the victim with him and his to avoid spoiling anything. Feel free to leave feedback and let me know what you think.

Truly a sad state of affairs.

Here I am, about to turn 29 years old. It is truly sad that what I want for my birthday is to be finished with Anasazi's nightmare. The collection of events that has kept me from working on it as of late have been exhausting. The thing that I never expected when I picked up writing was how draining it can be. The writing its self is not that bad. However, the revision process is grueling. I wrote the story, I know what happens, in turn, picking through a story that I know and created for wording errors and punctuation is more of a job than a labor of love. I pray to be done revising it by the time November rolls around so I can start slamming out Wrath of Pandora (the first in a series where gods battle in the modern world for supremacy) for NANOWRIMO. Oh well, such is life. So, for my birthday I will be plugging away at my nightmare but as a gift to all of you I will post an excerpt from the novel for your sampling pleasure in my next post due to come out presently. Love to current fans and to hopefully future fans.

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