From under the pier.

From under the pier.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Northern California ren faire

The wife and i went to the northern California ren faire today.
The fair overall was okay. Some acts were spectacular. I laughed till i cried at the Manly Men in Tights.
The salty dogs band knew how to throw a party. If you ever get to go see them at a bar you are in for a treat. I, personally,will be actively seeking them out. If improv is your thing, no parchment needed was an amusing group, and bosh the magician did a wonderful job with kids and adults alike.
The proceeds from the joust went to save mistreated horses so the poor acting that unfortunately made presence there was acceptable and it was still a fun show. I had major problems with the stands at the event. I expected high priced food and merchandise. The really sorry thing, and the reason i will not be attending next year, is that it was 100 degrees today and in the sun. They were charging 3 dollars for a small bottle of crystal springs water. 50 cents at a gas station. 4 dollars for a cup of ice. People were falling like flies. Now, i have no problems with fairs trying to  make their quick buck, but trapping hordes of people in the blazing desert heat and exploiting basic human needs at outrageous prices is just wrong no matter which way you cut it. The worst part about it was that even the gas station off of the grounds was cashing in and jacked up their prices to match the fair. When a lady passed out no one from the stand she was at offered water they called for an emt and just let it ride. To those who run the fair and to the casa de frutas gas station i say shame on you. You will not be acquiring my patronage next year.

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