From under the pier.

From under the pier.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Truly a sad state of affairs.

Here I am, about to turn 29 years old. It is truly sad that what I want for my birthday is to be finished with Anasazi's nightmare. The collection of events that has kept me from working on it as of late have been exhausting. The thing that I never expected when I picked up writing was how draining it can be. The writing its self is not that bad. However, the revision process is grueling. I wrote the story, I know what happens, in turn, picking through a story that I know and created for wording errors and punctuation is more of a job than a labor of love. I pray to be done revising it by the time November rolls around so I can start slamming out Wrath of Pandora (the first in a series where gods battle in the modern world for supremacy) for NANOWRIMO. Oh well, such is life. So, for my birthday I will be plugging away at my nightmare but as a gift to all of you I will post an excerpt from the novel for your sampling pleasure in my next post due to come out presently. Love to current fans and to hopefully future fans.

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